Our Team

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1890340_10202843825203724_809438070053593368_o(1)Chris Haughton – “Timeenforceranubis”

President, Lead Content Creator, and Head Editor of She’s Lost Control Media.
Has a lifelong love and passion for anime, videogames, and otaku culture.
Enjoys Gundam, lemonade, and yandere girls.


12903600_1221304377879814_880662781_oMatt McNeil – “Saiko”

Graphic Designer for Iyashikei.
Enjoys anything otaku, and computers. His one true love is sushi.



14794238_1239845559369107_92744142_nChris Melo – “McMelo”

Content Creator for Iyashikei.
Easy going. Video Game/Anime lover. Internet Werewolf.