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These anime are on heavy on plot and lewd (or just the lewd), so if your looking for some good fan service you have come to the right place. Defiantly watch these with family around. Here is my top 5 fan service anime that you can watch right now.

5) Prison Schoolprison-school

     Prison School is a manga and anime written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. The plot involves the school Hachimitsu Academy, which is the home to the strictest girls academy in Tokyo. They began to allow boys into the school which leads the story in a crazy, lewd adventure. The main cast of males in the school find themselves in a bunch of trouble and end up in a prison in the school yard, where they have to live out their school year dressed as prisoners and taught by the strict, tight clothed vice president of the school. Watching this first as anime brought a ton of laughs. It wasn’t super serious in the plot points so I didn’t have to be super focused on in its story, but I still greatly enjoyed it. If you are looking for more a comedy fan service anime, Prison School will be great for you. Also, the manga also dives deeper into plot and more fan service than the anime. The main character is your generic anime guy, who is incredibly dumb but has a perverted drive as a teen who just hit puberty. Where this anime and manga shine for me is its art style. Most anime follow more traditional art, while this has its own sort of design. Once you watch it, if you see screen caps anywhere you will know that its is from Prison School.

4) KissxSisasdas

KissXSis is a manga written and drawn by Bow Ditama. The plot involves the character Keita Suminoe, who lives with his father, stepmother, and two older twin sisters (Ako and Riko). This entire anime revolves around the two older sisters who flirt and show extreme lust towards Keita, while he fights his urge to give in. What can I say about this anime? Two sisters try and win over their younger brothers heart by any means necessary. Imagine a super harem without a huge amount of female characters. This is actually a positive, because it can focus on a smaller group of characters, and tell a better back story. I enjoyed this one for what its was.

3) The Qwaser of Stigmataqwaser-qwaser-of-stigmata-10136969-1280-720

The Qwaser of Stigmata is a action manga and anime series by Hiroyuki Yoshino. The plot involves the lives of Mafuya Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe, who start to fight back against people in the school they are attending. This anime upon first glace might seem like a serious anime with a ton of fight scenes in it, but there are a ton of fan service scenes that ride the border between fanservice and hentai. There aren’t a lot of action packed anime that have a ton of fan service out there, and while the story is kind of generic, this isn’t the top 5 for story. There are a ton of scenes in this one that might make you question if the creators started this as an actual hentai and just took the sex out so it can appeal towards a wider crowd. If you are looking for a fan service anime that you can zone out on and wait for the lewd, The Qwaster of Stigmata might be for you. At least that is what I watched it for. Oh, and the action scenes are pretty good too.

2) High School DxDmaxresdefault

High School DxD is written by Ichiei Ishibumi and drawn by Miyama-Zero. The story involves Issei Hyodo, an extremely perverted high school student who is killed on his very first date with a girl, who is revealed to be a fallen angel. Issei is revived by a devil named Rias Gremory to become a part of her devil family. This is an anime I wouldn’t watch with family around, every minute or so there seems to be some sort of naked female or fan service happening. The plot’s not too bad either. This anime sits as my top fan service anime on my own level, but in terms of fan service it keeps it in the butt and bare chest range with some sexy outfits here and there. The reason I placed it as number 2 is due to the fact that while its super on the fan service, its plot is actually super enjoyable and watchable. The creators made the main character an idiot and kind of an ass, while still having it being a harem where he saves the girls and they all end up wanting him. This anime does leave one major issue for me that they never answer in other harem anime: The main character has sort of a block that is stopping them from having relations with the girls. In High School DxD two girls sleep in the same bed as him, others do lewd stuff with him alone and he never seems to get farther than first base. If you enjoy an amazing plot driven story and a ton a naked girls, check out High School DxD.

1) To Love-Ru2008_-_to_love-ru_tv_series_poster

To Love-Ru is written by Saki Hasemi and drawn by Kentaro Yabui. The plot involves Rito Yuki, a shy and clumsy High-School student who cannot muster enough courage to tell the girl of his dreams he loves her, name Haruna Sairenji. While taking a bath one day a naked devil girl appears, named Lala. She says she is going to marry Rito to avoid an arranged marriage in the demon world. This anime is full, and I mean full, of fan service. At all times, it seems there is a naked female on screen, or something lewd happening. This one also kinda has a good plot, but High School DxD takes the cake on lewd story animes. I placed this as number one, because of the fact that it is full of everything a person can ask for when watching an anime for the fan service. The only thing that could out do To Love-Ru when it comes to lewd is actual hentai. I enjoyed it, as both a fan service watcher and a plot focused fan. I wouldn’t show this one to your friends unless they also enjoy seeing naked anime girls throughout each episode.





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