MegaBot Mk.2 vs. Kuratas – Howe & Howe for Mk.2

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The MegaBots team has put up another video, this time focusing on Howe & Howe Technologies’ contributions to the new MegaBot Mk. 2.

Howe & Howe Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of military-style armored vehicles. The company gained recognition when they were featured on Discovery Channel reality show “Howe & Howe Tech” in 2010. They’re best known for their high-speed unmanned ground vehicles, which is where they fit into the MegaBot’s design.

Howe & Howe Technologies will be in charge of designing the new tread base for the Mk. 2. The new Mk. 2’s tread base will be a high-speed, off-road platform using Howe & Howe’s patented suspension design. At this point, we’ve barely seen the Mk. 2 move at all, and when we have, it moved very slowly. Howe & Howe’s UGVs move extremely fast for tracked vehicles, but only on their own. The added weight of the Mk. 2’s body, in addition to the shifted center of gravity placing the Mk. 2 on top will cause, will prove to be challenges.

Speed is one aspect the Mk. 2 stands to overtake the Kuratas in. When the Kuratas was introduced in 2012, its top speed was shown at just over 6 miles per hour. For a vehicle, that’s a painful crawl. An average human can run faster than a Kuratas. Mobility is a crucial element in any combat situation, and unless Suidobashi Heavy Industry has something in the works to make the Kuratas a faster machine, they stand a good chance at being defeated.

Suidobashi has yet to comment on the further development of the Kuratas, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it.

Howe and Howe’s custom tread base is part of the $500,000 basic goal for the MegaBots Kickstarter.

At time of publication, the MegaBots Kickstarter campaign stands at $464,734 out of their $500,000 goal with 9 days left in the campaign.

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