Little Armory – Figma Miyo Asato by Tomytec

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Miyo AsatoGun otaku, get ready for Tomytec’s figma Miyo Asato! As one of the masconts for Tomytec’s “Little Armory” line of 1/12 scale figma accessories, Miyo Asato is a student at a special high school that trains their students up to protect the region.

The Little Armory is already quite expansive, with several different rifles, pistols, machineguns, and heavy weapons to choose from, as well as accessories like ammunition boxes and gun cases. Previously, it existed as a way to convert existing figma action figures into tactical fighting girls. The release of the Miyo Asato figure will be the first purpose built “moe-military” figma girl (Outside of Gunslinger Girl’s Henrietta).

She wears a school uniform with a load-bearing vest over it, a double magazine pouch strapped to her thigh, kneepads, and a communication headset.

Her list of accessories is quite expansive for a figma. Her primary weapon is an M4A1 carbine rifle with with a hybrid sight and her sidearm is a Glock pistol. Included are six rifle magazines and five pistol magazines, enough to fill each magazine pouch and have one in her rifle, as well as her rifle’s carrying handle and extended stock. Also included are a two sets of targets, a radio, and a tactical school bag. Rounding out her accessory list are her neutral and aggressive expression parts and a fluttering skirt.

Little Armory Miyo Asato is up for pre-order and will kick down the door into your heart in October 2016.

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