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     From the company that brought you Kill la Kill, comes a brand new anime: Kiznaiver. When the anime begins we are introduced to the main character, Katsuhira Agata, who as a child saw someone close to him jumping of a building to what we assume is their untimely death. Katsuhira staggers in pain as his hair becomes white and the anime flash forwards to 12 years later.


     The anime thus afterwards shows Katsuhira at a much older age with his friend Chidori Takashiro walking down a side walk. Chidori becomes agitated with him because he is being bullied for money and doesn’t stand up for himself. She ends up leaving him alone and the two bullies show up and begin punching him for the money that he owes the for the day. Katsuhira, while taking this beating, never shows pain or even becomes upset. He just sits there while taking the punches, even expressing that he will pay them when ever he has the money. This angers the bullies into attempting to hurt him more, but they receive no reaction from him. The anime at this point attempts to really bring its point across that Katsuhira does not feel pain at all, even flashing back to a younger age where two kids bully him and become bored because he just stands there taking the punches. During the bullying in present time, a boy by the name of Hajime Tenga, steps in and saves Katsuhira, requesting that the bullies pay back the money they stole in full. This is when anime starts to introduce other main protagonists. While the introductions do seem a little rushed, it does give examples of each person’s personalities that they will bring to the table. We have our tsundere-type female, a quirky (believes in fairies) female, and the best friend (possible love interest?) female, the brawler male pervy guy who may or may not become Katsuhira’s best friend in the future, and the confident ladies man type, with the main character fitting into the “I have no idea about anything and basically silent” type. The group when they do end together gave me a very Atlus/Persona feel, with them all having enough of a different personality to keep the viewer entertained and laughing at how they all act around each other.tumblr_o5is2tf86A1tm1dgio8_r1_1280

     The art style will seem very familiar to people who have seen Trigger’s other works. It reminded me a lot of Kill la Kill but in a more serious less cartoon art style, the best example would be an Atlus anime like Persona 4 The Animation. The Opening video creatively got me interested with its catchy song and very well made visuals.



Spoilers for Episode 1”

     The episode introduces another possible main caster named Noriko Sonozaki, whom seemingly kidnaps the group and surgically implants Kizunas into the arms of the main protagonists, and explains that the people of the world have no sort of connection to each other. They wish to achieve world peace by connecting people’s memories and experiences through wounds. If it seems a little dumb, well it kinda is, I assume it will branch out into a more, this is the real reason for this type situation in the coming episodes. The group of course does not believe in such nonsense, until one of them experiences a punch to the face and they all fall over from feeling the exact same pain themselves. Some crazy arm lights happen which apparently activates their Kizuna into full power and the first episode is over.

End of possible spoilers”

     While only being the first episode, it was a great one. It made me focus on what was going on and made me curious as to what will happen in the future, while being very entertaining and wanting to see more of what happens in the story. So if your craving a new anime to watch, or was a super fan of Kill la Kill keep an eye out for Kiznaiver which broadcasts exclusively on 


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