Kantai Collection – Atago by Max Factory

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Max Factory and Good Smile Company just announced a new figure of Takao-Class Heavy Cruiser Atago from Kantai Collection. The 1:8 scale Atago stands at about 23cm tall and features Atago with a cheerful expression on her face. She takes a very dynamic pose, kicking one foot in the air behind her as she swings her hips out and proudly leads with her chest.

The figure is positively dripping with movement. Her lovingly detailed hair flows and twists, cascading down her back in countless individual locks and falling over her arm as her outfit whips around behind her with a very dynamic fabric effect. The figure captures her vibrant, vivacious, effervescent personality and flows with motion like the water under Atago’s feet.

The figure comes In a Light Armament version and a Heavy Armament version. The Heavy Armament version includes Atago’s cannons, to replicate her full look, and is part of Good Smile Company’s Wonderful Hobby Selection.

The Light Armament version retails for 13704 Yen (~$116.17 USD), and the Heavy Armament version goes for 17407 Yen (~$147.55 USD). Both are available for pre-order until March 2nd.

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