Char’s Custom Toyota Auris Three Times Cooler

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Toyota’s released three promotional videos (one animated, one live-action, and one hybrid) of their new Gundam-inspired Char Custom Auris II. The two with animation depict the car racing alongside Char’s iconic red Zaku II. The animation is very reminiscent of the Battle of Loum scene at the beginning of the first Gundam: The Origin OVA from back in February. Char handles the Auris just like he handles his own mobile suit. The way he drives, he might be The Stig’s newtype cousin.

The live-action video details Char’s personal customization requests and depicts the production team outfitting the vehicle.

The car itself is decked-out in mobile suit styled warning decals, Zeon insignia, white stripes, and sports Char’s “A12” callsign and his squadron emblem. Even the radio antenna resembles the Zaku’s commander horn. The interior also comes includes all the amenities of a modern car, including a touch-screen interface, push-button start, and heated seats.

Keeping with the Zaku aesthetic, there’s also a green “mass production model” version.

The jury is still out on whether or not it’s three times faster, but we do know that it’s priced at $27,000. More details, pictures, and videos can be found at Toyota’s website.

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