Another Anime Con (AAC) 2016 – The Iyashikei review

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As the year comes to a close, we wanted to see a convention that we had never been to. Many of our friends recommended Another Anime Con (AAC), so we took their advice and traveled a small distance away to see what AAC was about. AAC is a smaller convention held towards the end of the year, inside the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire. Check out at the end of the article, for photos taken by Timeenforceranubis and Saiko.

Right of the bat, there seemed to be a disconnect between the hotel and the convention staffing. We had asked the hotel a question regarding the location of room, but when we asked staff working for the convention, they would give us a completely different answer. This could become an issue with attendees trying to find their way around. One positive thing is that the staff for AAC was super nice and understanding. This greatly helped ease frustration at the convention, and in our experience attending other events, it was a breath of fresh air seeing how social the staff was.img_1262

AAC started off slow for Iyashikei as, due to a mixup, press badges weren’t printed until later in the day, preventing us from attending panels or visiting the dealer room. This at first annoyed us, because we wanted to explore the convention and see everything it offered. Though with this holding us back, we had more time to see cosplayers and communicate with people.

Outside of the hotel, the view was beautiful: Lush green grass with plenty of sitting room. We explored around taking photos of a variety of different cosplayers, some from anime to video games to internet icons. We did this for a couple of hours, and even had fun with a drone we brought to get some camera footage. People were laughing, talking, and enjoying outside activates. It seemed like one huge festival in itself.

After a while of exploring the hotel and convention center,  talking to old friends and meeting new faces we hadn’t seen before, we started to enjoy our time there. AAC very much comes across as a small, closed convention with a ton of opportunities to meet new friends and hang out with old at the hotel bar. While other conventions might be a little intimating at first, with a large dealers room and a ton of panels to see, AAC presents itself as a more condensed area. You can see the entire dealers room in under an hour, and the panel rooms are all within a very tiny walking distance.

The panels at AAC were quite enjoyable. The rooms that hosted the panels were tiny compared to the other conventions that we have attended, sadly. Though the benefit is that during a panel the host could interact with the crowd more, which created more opportunities for laughs. At AAC I attended the least amount of panels that I normally try to see at an anime convention, but the ones I got to see where fun. One panel had a military vibe, with its own private bar, while another had fun adult scenarios that made me smile and laugh throughout the hour I was watching.


AAC, from a personal experience, came across as ether a convention for people who want to experience an anime convention for the first time, or a regular convention attendee who just wishes to wind down after a year of larger events. With small gripes, if you are like me and attend 5-6 conventions a year, or want to see what an anime convention is all about, AAC might be your type of event. Go in with an open mind, try to talk to people and you will have a great time. Sadly though, because of the hotel that AAC is currently a part of I couldn’t rate AAC higher. The hotel itself made the attendees feel like children. With a staff member at the elevator doors, a staff member on each floor, and always pushing attendees out of the main floor, it was clear that the hotel didn’t care about the convention at all. The staff tried their hardest to make the attendees and the hotel both leave satisfied at the end of the day. Sadly, at a point, it seems like a lost cause and one group tends to suffer more. Hopefully AAC can look into a newer location. I know the convention can be great.

Another Anime Con (AAC) gets 3 ½ stars out of 5.

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