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Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Monster Musmume) takes place in an alternate Japanese setting, where the main character Kimihito Kurusu ends up living with multiple anthropomorphic females called “Liminals”. The plot consists of Kimihito and his Liminal roommates living in the same household, with each Liminal in one way or another wanting to marry and or sleep with our main character. The plot, while not the manga/anime’s strongest point, suffers from running into the same general idea as “what crazy thing could happen today”. Where the story truly shines is how the characters interact with each other. All the Liminal’s have great personalities that pull you into actually caring for these characters.

The idea is that our main character, while being a shy, virgin, Japanese male (no shock there) lives with these Liminals, that throw themselves at him sexually and or wish to become his wife. One of the main cast members Miia, a half snake half human looking female, right from panel one has the idea that she wants to be the Kimihito’s wife and even tells him to ignore law and have sex with her. Leading into pretty funny moments where the main character has to stop himself from succumbing to Miia’s advances. This “no sex” rule comes from the  plot that humans and Liminals are not allowed to take each other’s virginity as it may cause a global issue with Human/Liminal law. Over the course of the story, we meet a Harpy Girl named Papi, a Centaur named Centorea and more Liminal females that end up moving into the household. The story also is sure to cover a lot of the negatives that come with having a world that has Monster Girls and Humans living together. There are the people who tend to treat the Liminals differently, the everyday life buying of clothes, and even how they go to the bathroom. The story even makes sure it covers everything you wondered about how a snake girl goes to the bathroom.

Now of course this isn’t a manga or anime you might want to view in public, while the characters never actually end up sleeping together (at least so far in the manga’s plot), they don’t shy away from plenty of fan service and nudity. Currently as the anime is airing, it does not show female nipples, and most sexual imagines have been censored, but there are still a lot of things that could make most viewers blush. Take example, Papi the Harpy (she says that a lot); when we are first introduced to her she and Kimihito end up having ice cream together, Papi drops hers, and requests that Kimihito hold a new popsicle due to her not properly being able to handle it due to having wings for hands. This leads into a situation where people around and the viewer are seeing a situation in which it seems Papi is giving a “blowjob” to the main character, including having her get messy with ice cream gunk, leading to images you can look up or think of. Queue up rule 34.

All fan services aside, the characters interact in ways you would expect, if this whole situation took place outside the realm of imagination. You have situations that put the characters together that may lead them to express themselves more and you begin to learn on why they act the way they do. The idea while not perfect, does keep you roped in and wondering what could happen next. If you’re needing something to read on your free time, and don’t mind super fan service, I would definitely check out Everyday life with Monster Girls.

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