Amagi Brillaint Park – Sento Isuzu by Max Factory

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Ready for more 50 Cent Sento Isuzu?

Max Factory has a lovely Sento figure on the way, showing her as “Pirate Queen Isuzuruha” from episode 7 of the anime. The 1/7 scale, 245mm tall figure depicts her in her long red coat and bikini, sword on her hip and musket in her hand as she punishes a traitorous Tiramie with her thigh-high heeled boots.

This is a great figure for its release date right in the heart of summer. Sento’s pirate outfit shows plenty of skin, but has an edge and personality to it that makes it stand out. It’ll definitely remind Amagi Brilliant Park fans of the water park episode she wore it in.

There’s plenty of motion and detail in the figure. “Isuzuruha’s” pirate coat flows out behind her, along with her hair. In addition, her boots stretch, crease, and bunch up everywhere they’re supposed to, which, coupled with their shiny black color, creates a lovely shiny leather look. Her hat and eyepatch can also be removed to change up her look.

Pre-orders are open and the figure releases in August of 2016.

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