Amagami Challenge 2017

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New year, new challenge.

Overcome cynicism. Find meaning and happiness. Bring out the main character in you.

Every year, many anime fans take the Amagami Challenge: A self-improvement challenge with a simple objective: Find a girlfriend or boyfriend by December 24th, Christmas Eve.

While originating in a 4chan thread from years ago, the Amagami challenge has since transcended its origins, with the 2015 challenge even listing 4chan as a cynical place that should be avoided.

Our congratulations to those who succeeded in the 2016 Amagami Challenge! Feel free to share your stories below. They could be motivational!

For everyone else, Amagami Challenge 2017 is on! Details below.


The Amagami Challenge

v. 2017

The Goal

Find a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by 12/24/2017

The Penalty

Sit in a park of your choice weeping over your failure and reflecting on your year.
Feel free to make arrangements with others who have failed.

Why Take The Challenge?

You might ask yourself: “Why? Why should I risk real life interaction and involvement with another human in this harsh, cynical world of ours?”

The answer is simple: This is a chance to find meaning and happiness in another person. Clean yourself up, get into shame, and find that special someone.


If you break up before Christmas Eve, you can try again once you’re ready.


/r/amagamichallenge – A subreddit for challenge-takers to share information and personal experiences.


Stay optimistic. Overcome your cynicism about people. Watch Amagami SS (Seriously, it’s really good.). And above all else, understand that the Amagami Challenge is about the journey.

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