5 Anime You Should Be Watching In Spring 2016

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Number 5


Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto)

While some episodes start off slow, it’s the comedy that really shines through with this anime. Sakamoto is the coolest person in high school and everyone is mad at him for it. The anime revolves around people being jealous of his coolness and trying to pull pranks on him. Sakamoto always seems to foil them with ease and grace. Don’t let this cool boy pass you by.

Number 4


Re:Zero- Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:Zero- Starting life in Another World)

On his way back home Subaru Natsuki is suddenly teleported to another world. This world filled with fighting and anger. He is attacked right away but is saved by a white haired girl. Later on he and the white haired girl are killed, and Sabarua find out he has the ability to rewind time to stop people from dying. This anime you’ll be rewinding to watch again.

Number 3


Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Space Patrol Luluco) 

Luluco is a normal girl, living a normal life when ΑΩ Nova abruptly appears before her. She then goes on an adventure meeting aliens and new humans alike in this comedy anime from the studio TRIGGER.

Number 2


JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamon wa Kudakenai (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

This action comedy from Warner Bros and Studio David Production brings you Josuke Higashikata, a high schooler who lives in a world where an artifact named “Bow and Arrow” gives criminals and normal people abilities. If you enjoy comedies with over the top action, this anime is for you.

Number 1

Boko no Pi……*cough*


Number 1



After being selected for the Kiznaiver program, Katsuhira Agata and his new friends go on a journey of learning to love and understand other people around the world. The anime is filled with comedy and personality as the people in the Kiznaiver program learn that everyone has a hidden pain and must try to connect with each other. For a review of the first episode check here.

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  • ClannadSurvivor

    Well I’d have to frankly disagree with most of those. But hey it’s your opinion vs mine. My top 5 for spring
    1. Re: life in a different world from zero
    First half of the season(it’s a 25 ep season) has been great. Awesome plot, good art & animation, and no problems with the voice acting. I think the fact I haven’t been left asking for more because they are giving it 25 episodes instead of cramming 12 episodes down our throat is amazing. I enjoyed seeing an episode where they somehow spent 10 minutes on one battle scene.

    2. Kiznaiver
    So I can’t say much about this anime because it’s like every detail is a twisted spoiler in a web of plot. But let’s just say it came out hardballing a Kokoro Connect but has slowly but surely been making its way back to the top of my favorites for the spring. One of my favorite things about this anime is its art as GBTW(Girls beyond the wasteland) and myriad color phantom world was for me in the winter 16′ lineup.
    3. Twin Star Exorcist
    So I’ll be frank here- I like slice of life animes. Airing animes is my way of stepping into other genres because opinions haven’t really been formed yet. Am I calling this a slice of life anime? To an extent. But hear me out. This anime is a foremost Action anime with deep plot revolving around 2(3) middle school students. So that’s where the slice of life comes in. Some spoiling plot puts 2 of them into a subtle Drama/Romance theme and I’m sure you’ll understand when you see it.
    4. Mayoiga
    This was for the first 4 weeks my favorite anime of the spring season. I planned some animes to watch ahead of time and this is what caught my attention the most. Coming off the Erased train I was looking for something to satisfy my mystery trends and after watching Go-sick I wanted more. This was that for me early on. I say early on because the mystery theme seemed to die down some and provide more of a mystery setting drama that in my opinion wrapped neatly. Not the best art and at times the 2.5d |Spoil prevention| got to me (my anime pet peeve is 2.5D anime/anime scene. Also the reason I gave Black Rock Shooter a 4/10) but the plot was original and I love plot
    5. Big Order
    I’d rank it higher if I found it sooner. This anime has been my “pick an anime to be your life” and though I found it about ep4 I was instantly hooked. The original plot and the effort into each scene was amazing. I find animes hard to say great art because of myriad color phantom setting the bar so high but this was good. Probably the best Mature-Supernatural anime we will see this year maybe even of all time.